Kiddi´s Workshop is located in a old car-repair shop, built 1937. It used to be called both Gísli‘s car repair shop, after its owner, and Péturs Car repair shop, after one of the mechanics working there. Kiddi bought the house in 2000 and set up a workshop where he could cut and sand his stones. He also used the house for storage, to work on his boat, dry fish, smoke salmon, dry and clean eider down,, built shealters for his eider farming and a lot more. In august 2017 his family had the initiative to renovate the house and open up the workshop for other to see Kiddi´s stones and photos. Kiddi was not excited about this idea since he is too modest to believe that anyone would be interested in seeing his mineral collection or photographs. He is still rather upset over the name of it and doesn´t want his name to be linked to this. Kiddi‘s family didn´t listen to his objections, so here we are! Even though Kiddi didn´t like this idea he has helped out with the renovation. He is after all an artisan and has by himself replaced the roof on the house, he has broken up walls and floors, built a rest room with all that is needed, fixed the floors and done all kinds of things. He is still working hard and there are some more renovations coming up!

The cozy room

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