Kiddi is the owner of the Workshop. He is born in 1944 here in Höfn and he has lived here all his life. For the first 46 years he lived in a farm, called Dilksnes, with his parents and his family. Over the wintertime Kiddi used to work at the fish factory, sometimes for over eighty hours a week, but at summertime he was a fisherman on his own small boat, and he still is!

Kiddi started collecting stones for real in 1998, at that time he was in his sixties. He has collected almost all of the stones in the workshop from the mountains around Höfn. Ever since then he has held a diary of how much the stones weight that he brings home each time from his hiking. The first years after he started collecting minerals he carried over 7 tons of stones down from the mountains, but normally he carried around 40 kg each time. A couple of years later he bought a snowmobile so he could gather the stones in the mountains and then pick them up on the snowmobile when it was enough snow in the wintertime. He laid the stones on a toboggan, tied it to the snowmobile and brought the stones down to where he had parked his car. In 2012 Kiddi got himself an ATV for the same purpose.

Kiddi does all the work on the stones himself. He cuts the stones, sands them, drills for the candles, casts, glues the fabric on the bottom and so on.

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